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Cynthia Stanfield

Cynthia Stanfield is a native of Detroit, Michigan and is a worship leader, who has a passion for touching people through song. During her music career, Cynthia has been blessed to share the stage and work with some of the gospel industry’s finest including: Darius Twyman, Twinkie Clark, Eric “Superman of Gospel” Deon and more. Cynthia has also sung with Mark Holley & 1-A-Chord, where she was blessed to lead the song “He’ll Bring You Out” on the group’s freshman album. Currently, she sings with J. Bethel and SPOKEN FOR as well as background vocals for several up and coming Gospel/Christian artists in the Detroit area.


In addition to her singing career, Cynthia has also been blessed with a talent to act. She has been a part of numerous productions including the gospel musical play “Left Behind.” Additionally, she played the lead supporting role of Sabrina in hit Gospel/Comedy Play “Auntie Ronnie Goes to School”, acted in T.J. Hemphill’s “Lord, All Men Can’t Be Dogs”, pinned the lead supporting role of Brenda in Lanette White’s “Saving Mama”, and leading lady in the Burse Productions Drama:  “If You Don’t Want It, Don’t Ask For It: Confessions of a Married Man” as well as ”The Love that Woke My Heart”. In 2013, Cynthia took her theatrical career to another level and wrote and directed her first stage play “Christmas with the Fingerhuts” which was a huge success. A true, soulful entertainer at heart, Cynthia is sure to capture your heart with her smile, voice, warmth and humor.

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