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"You’re God’ is about what God means to me,” shares Bethel.  “When I think of God, I just don’t think of Him as deity or divinity, I think of Him as father.  Whoever and whatever it is that I need Him to be, that’s what He is to me,” says Bethel. When it comes to music ministry, God has called him to use music as a vehicle to help save souls. 


An ordained minister and minister of music at Word of Life Christian Center in Detroit, MI, Bethel is very serious about reaching the lost.  “There is no demographic that I am aiming for,” says Jason.  “I believe God has called me to bring people into the Kingdom. Also, I believe He’s anointed me to give others a platform to use their gifts and talents.  But ultimately, it’s about keeping Jesus as a focus in Gospel music.  That’s it for me.”                                                                                                                                                                                           

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